LOOKING FOR: Gamecube Wavebird Receiver

Okay, so we collect old consoles and such. 

In a recent bundle of controllers and consoles we recieved, we obtained a Wavebird controller for the Gamecube, but we are missing the wireless receiver for it.

Any of you with a Gamecube, have any of you happened to break your controller and still have the receiver laying around? Its a bit of a long shot to hope to find this piece, but the only option we have is to buy a controller and receiver which… defeats the point of finding a receiver for this poor lonely controller.

To clarify, THIS is what we HAVE:

And this is what we NEED:

If anyone could help us out, it would be highly appreciated!

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  1. aegyoaway said: My boyfriend has a wavebird controller + receiver that he hates, I might be able to get them for you.
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